Tier One Armoury

A Proudly Canadian supplier of ammo, ammunition, and arms products.



Who Are We?

Welcome to Tier One Armoury
We are dedicated shooters, hunters, collectors and general firearms enthusiasts that have harnessed our collective knowledge, experience and passion to bring you the finest available products related to our sport.


What We Offer?

Tier One Armoury offers products from the following manufacturers:

CRKT, Remington, Geissele, Silver State Ammunition, Black Rain Ordnance, Tango down, Smith & Wesson, Spike,s Tactical, Magpul, Daniel Defense, Advanced Armament, Troy Industries, Hornady Ammunition, Mossberg, B5 Systems, American Defense Manufacturing, Aimpoint, Kershaw, CMMG, LWRC, Knight's Armament, KNS, BCM, Noveske, Fail Zero, GG&G, Mesa Tactical, Midwest Industries, Wilson Combat, Glock, Ruger


And many other great brands!